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Memorial Day Weekend


So this memorial day weekend, I was able to go up to Mammoth to ride for 3 days 🙂  I’m so lucky to live relatively near to a place that is going to stay open till the 4th of July.

The conditions were unbelievable for being the end of May.  Saturday ended up being the worst out of the 3 days due to the wind gusts shutting down the upper part of the mountain.  I felt like I would fly off the chair sometimes or my board fly off my feet.  Due to the cold, strong winds, the snow was icy and firm.  A little daunting since I’ve been so used to riding slush or powder for the past couple of months.  I managed to not eat it hard while riding so I was very proud of myself for that.

Saturday night we also tried to have a bbq, but mother nature didn’t cooperate.  We actually got snow!  I could not believe it!  Snow at the end of May!  So the following morning, we ended up getting a pow day 🙂  I was grinning from riding pow in May.  I didn’t think I would see pow again until the next season and went this weekend thinking I would be doing slush laps in the park.  I got to hike up Lincoln Mountain for some nice pow turns.  Walking up that mountain and carrying my board, I realized how out of shape I am since I was always the last one in the group to make it up to the top.  I also blame my short legs and the fact that I have to take 2 steps for every 1 step everyone else took 😛  Other notable runs was Paranoid Flats where the snow was surprisingly good.  I think upper mountain got at least a foot easily from this storm.

Monday was also similar to Sunday’s conditions with some leftover pow here and there.  However, the snow started to feel like it was slushing up so we ended up riding park.  I’m still trying to conquer the big boy line of jumps in forest trail.  Unfortunately I didn’t hit any of the big boy jumps this trip since park was so icy and not fun to ride.  I did hit the smaller jumps on the left of the big boy jumps on Monday as the snow started to get a bit more slushy.

I also started to ride switch a bit more so I’m proud of myself of doing that.  I’m hoping once I get more and more comfortable riding switch, it will be easier to throw 1s.  I’m such a noob in the park.

Picture of it coming down hard at Main Lodge

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