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Going to camp this summer!


So after wanting to do this for 2 years, I’ve finally decided to go to summer camp at Mt Hood.  I will be going to the MHSSC or Mt Hood Summer Snowboard Camp.  It’s not as swanky or glitzy as the other camps advertised at Mt Hood, but I’m not there to be wowed.  I’m there to progress my riding.

I compiled a spreadsheet of how much each camp would end up costing me after factoring in all the food, lodging, transportation, etc.  COC came out at the top with it going to cost me at least $2.5k, with Windells and HCSC coming in at about $2k each after factoring in flight credit I have through Southwest.  MHSSC was the least expensive option with is coming in at $1.2k, but it’s a day less than others.  However I don’t think an extra day is worth at least $800 for me so I went with the sensible option.  Plus I’m a student so I have to watch my spending and make sure I don’t go overboard.

I’m really excited about getting to ride for 5 days straight working on progression.  The most I’ve done was 3 days straight with no coaching.  I’m hoping this will give me that little push to finally lock down my 1s that’s been eluding me.

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