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1.) Cut a hole in a box…


My friends and I are making a jib setup over the summer.  It’s just a simple box that’s 8ftx1ftx1ft.   When we were initially trying to figure out the size we wanted, we were so bad with determining how big a box actually is on the slopes.  We looked at youtube vids and also relied on our memory (how long were we on the box, how big our boards were, how far down was the snow).  We were like…was the box6, 8, or 12ft?  That is how bad we were at just trying to gauge how big a feature is.   On top of figuring out how big something is I’ve also learned something else.

Making and paying for said box is a lot of work.  I never really fully grasped how much work and money goes into making such features since you see them lying around on the mountain like nothing.  Of course they don’t have to pay for the carpet or make a drop in ramp, but still dragging a feature and putting it in place and shaping everything so it’s perfect just makes you realize how much effort it all takes.  The local resort has tons of features littered on the hill so a lot of planning and work goes into this and I’m grateful for the park staff for maintaining these features.

My friend had built most of the box and the drop in ramp since I had been busy on the weekends, but this past weekend I drove up to my friend’s place to help out in completing the box.  Our job for the day was putting the side panels on the box.  We scrounged around in the workshop for some wood we can use for free to keep the costs down since it was costing us at least $250 per person (this is 3 people) to build one box.  We measured and cut the wood and then nailed them to the sides of the box.  Just doing that took us a while since neither of us have really done any carpentry work.  We were also unfamiliar with the workshop so just finding the right tools took a while.

Next weekend, we plan to paint the box.  The plastic and the carpet has been ordered so that should hopefully be coming in soon.  I can’t wait to hit this box and get down tricks before next winter season 🙂

Here is a picture of the box with the side panels

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