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Math does come in handy…


Yesterday and today was the second weekend I helped my friend out on building the box.  The box itself is pretty much done.  All that needs to be done is primer, spackle, primer, and paint.  Also we’re still waiting on the plastic to come in for the top of the box.  None of the carpet or plastic is here yet since we thought it’ll take a while for us to build everything.

Now what is stumping us is the ramp to the box and the drop in ramp.  Turns out math you learn in school do come in handy when you’re trying to figure out the length of the ramp and the angle that we want it at.

Here is the scratch work I did for part of the ramp to figure out how long to make the ramp or hypotenuse.   I used Pythagorean’s theorem and sohcahtoa.

After a few mistakes and realizing design flaws which caused us to recut wood, we were able to build the setup ramp leading up to the box.  Now since one ramp is made, all we need to do is make a second ramp which will be the transition ramp for the drop in.  Right now with how high up we are and the length of the hypotenuse, it looks like we’ll go from a 40 degree slope to flat so we want to cushion the transition area so it won’t be so steep.  We hope to get that second ramp done next Saturday so we can paint everything on Sunday.

This jib setup is coming together 🙂  We’re shooting for the first testing of the setup in about 2 weeks!  Can’t wait!

Also stay in school or at least stay in school until basic algebra and geometry is covered so you can figure out the ramp length.

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