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Internet snowboarding buddies


This weekend, I was unfortunately unable to work on the box since I was feeling a bit sick and tired.  So there is no update on that this week 😦

However, it got me thinking about my snowboarding buddies.  When I started snowboarding, I didn’t know one single person who was really into it.  I knew one friend who snowboarded maybe once or twice in her whole life and I happened to have tagged along with her to a snowboarding trip to Mammoth for my first day ever on snow.  I remember her advice to me about how to fall down…I should fall down on my wrist and knees haha.

As I was really into snowboarding from the get go, I had a hard time finding someone from my circle of friends who would want to go as often as I did.  So with no leads of finding a snowboarding buddy, I turned to the internet to find some.

I started off hanging out at  Not going to lie, their posts for points and daily giveaways encouraged me to start posting in the forums.  I started off in the game threads to figure out how forums worked and what I was supposed to do.  I checked out the local riding forum and there I found some people who were riding Mt High regularly.  So I set up to meet up with them.  I was a bit hesitant and scared since what if they turned out to be axe murderers or what if they didn’t like me?  It felt like I was going on a date.  I met an awesome group of people that day and we became regular riding buddies.  I also started talking more with the other regulars on SS and so I decided to meet up with those peeps and put a face to their sn’s by going to Sierrapalooza last year.

Sierrapalooza was awesome.  I met so many people and it was just a fun time riding with people who love to snowboard and for making new friends.  I now have a place to stay in Portland and Seattle if I ever want to go ride in PNW.  I also have a good amount of friends on the Ice Coast if I ever want to go there to board…for some reason.

However, this season my sierra buddies were no longer really into riding that much and most didn’t get a pass to Mt High.  I needed new riding buddies so through luck I found someone through a friend who was into snowboarding as much as I was.  He’s the friend that we’re building the box together with.  I guess he’s the only non internet buddy who I ride with on a regular basis.  He’s a rarity.

At this time, I also started to venture over to EasyLoungin due to the SS business fiasco.  I was a bit hesitant at first because I knew a lot of them were from the BMB and they had a dislike of SS.  Also they were a smaller community that knew each other so I knew it would be more difficult getting in as opposed to SS.  However, I had nothing but good experiences with the people from EL.  I first met the EL peeps at Forum’s F*ck It premiere and from there I got to ride with them at Mammoth and Bear.  We joke around and say we’re internet friends.  It sounds so bad when people ask so how do you guys know each other? and I have to answer  ummm we met through the internet…  Also bad when your bf says, yeah my gf met all of these guys online.

I am truly grateful I have met all of these people and there’s nothing wrong with meeting people online.  Just do it in a public place like at your local resort.  Without the internet I wouldn’t have this awesome group of people I get to ride and hang out with.

Even though it’s summer, we still hang out.  This weekend I’m meeting up with the EL group for bbq 🙂

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  1. Guy /#11 permalink
    06/29/2011 5:12 PM

    I met you through the internet….*play Jason/Michael Myers theme song*

  2. 06/29/2011 7:00 PM

    Haha awesome! Nice to meet you internet friend.

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