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Go GoPro Go!!!


This weekend I was thinking of going to Mammoth to ride for the last weekend, but after seeing the temps being in the high 60s, low 70s, I decided to not go and save the money for next season’s mammoth trips.   Plus I’m one week away from going to Mt Hood for camp so I’ll be able to get my snow fix soon.  I’ll try to do daily updates or at least log the days so I can upload them later onto this blog.

So today, I went to REI to buy a gopro…well I didn’t buy it.  My bf bought it for me as a birthday present….3.5 months after my birthday.  He felt bad for not doing anything for my birthday or having a gift ready for me so I told him he can make it up by getting me a gopro (I’m evil :P)  So bf/husbands/significant others beware, buying a small gift and on time can save you a lot of money down the road.

I’m very excited about getting the gopro.  I’ll probably mount it onto my helmet and make videos during the year.  You can watch me eat it in every movie.  I’m also thinking of bringing it to Mt Hood to film a bit and to keep track of my progress.  I’ll use this weekend to test it out and get the angle right.  I also need to buy socks and new lens for my goggle before I go up there -_-

Here’s my shiny new camera

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