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MHSSC recap


Ok so I’m finally rested up/recuperated from camp last week.  Let me say camp was so so so so so much fun.  I’m wondering why I didn’t do this earlier.

Friday – I fly into Portland to meet up with my friend to hang out.  We proceed to go to happy hour and drink.

Saturday – Do the whole touristy thing for Portland.  We go to the rose garden and take a tour of the underground tunnel system (interesting how people were being kidnapped until the 1940s to work as slaves for 3 to 6 years on ships).  It also explained why there are tunnels underneath bars…easy prey.

Sunday – get dropped off at the airport to be picked up to be taken to camp.  I get to the place and been assigned a dorm room (7 girls in one room, myself included).  Since I was the last one to arrive, I get a top bunk that has no ladder and so I need to climb to get into my bed.  I can see how this can be dangerous while drunk…

We got introduced to the head coach and told where to meet for the next morning.

Monday – We got introduced to all the coaches (Mike, Ben, Dustin, and Rick) and split into groups.  Other than myself there was one more adult snowboard camper.  We worked on proper alignment and form for riding.  In the afternoon, we reviewed video and tuned up our boards.  My board needed wax badly and I got my highback adjusted to have a bit of forward lean.  At 10ish I proceeded to knock out since we have to get up at 5:45am.

Tuesday – Rainy day on the slopes.  My clothes got drenched, but I stayed out in the rain and played around on the box they have set up in their private park.  It was a day of hiking of the box endlessly for 3hrs. Afternoon activity was white water rafting which was fun, but tiring.  Went over one rapid and 2 people fell out of the raft…kid panicked and I had to paddle hard when I’ve already done 5hrs of snowboarding.  Definitely a fun adventure.

Wednesday – more park riding since the visibility wasn’t the best.  Got some good pointers for boardslides and counter rotation.  Picnic in the rain for the afternoon.  Watched the kitchen staff trying to figure out how to keep the fire going for 20min in the rain before they covered it with foil.

Thursday – poached HCSC’s pipe!  It was just sitting there with no one using it and it was going to waste so it was a perfect time to poach it since visibility was low and no one was there.  Their pipe was pretty good.  One mini pipe and one super pipe.  Also worked a bit on riding through moguls which ended up with my quads on fire.  In the afternoon I got to play on the trampoline and watched the kids spinning like crazy while I worked on just jumping on it without moving around too much.

Friday – my legs were completely dead.  Had a chill day on the slopes, I couldn’t press my board or butter at this point and walking up the stairs was killer.  Rode through the public half pipe since they reopened it after they reshaped it.  Got to go to govy camp in the afternoon for the first time that week since I always missed the bus to govy camp because I was on the slopes till 12:30 – 1:30 everyday.  Got to enjoy the nightlife of govy camp and crashed at my coaches place since no one was in any shape or form to drive.

Saturday – packed everything up and left Oregon, sad day.

All in all, I think this camp was great.  I got the little things fixed in terms of form and riding in general so I can be more stable and ride more powerfully.

Pics and vids will be up soon!

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