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So sexy!!


After a month and a half of not working on the jib setup due to vacation, holidays, etc. we were finally able to meet up this weekend for one day to work on it.  I must say, the set up is coming along nicely and we are giddy with excitement since we’re almost done.  We’re looking at 2 more weekends top before we can start testing it out.  Now after going through most of the process and looking at youtube vids of other people’s setup, I have to say….we kind of went over the top in terms of making sure everything was ok.  Most people we saw used astroturf, but we went with snowflex instead since we didn’t want our setup looking ghetto.  Snowflex and the subsequent shipping costs is what cost us the most on this project.  We also went pretty overboard with reinforcing everything…we didn’t want things to break, but looking back at it, we probably didn’t need to use so much wood and nails.

Another thing that took us a while was figuring out how to use tools and a woodshop.  Both of us have never ever built anything like this or have any experience with this.  We did get quicker and quicker at making things since we became more efficient.  Also another thing we learned was planning everything ahead so we don’t have to keep driving back to OSH to get more supplies…we would go there to buy nails and it would turn out to not be long enough or we forgot something.  I think we made like 20 trips to OSH.

However, we are very happy with the results so far.  Can’t wait to paint this and start testing this out!

Most of the snowflex has arrived!

Here is the transition ramp that we built in one day

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