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Almost there!


We are slowly getting to the end of the summer which is super agonizing since it means it’ll be fall soon and then beloved winter!  So we are very excited to see everything coming  together for the summer jib.  Last weekend we finished the last piece for the ramp and started painting everything so that we can preserve the jib as long as possible and not have any water damage to it.  We have snowflex and so to get more speed on it, we’ll need to wet it down which could warp the setup if we’re not careful.

Considering how much time and money we’ve spent, we wanted to preserve the setup as much as possible and make it as sturdy as possible.  So the whole day we first primed the wood with primer.  I’ve never really painted anything before (ok I’ve really done nothing outside of school before since I admit I have lived a pretty sheltered, bubble life – my parents also wanted to make sure I did well in school…so yeah I’m a huuuuge nerd) and so I learned how to roll paint on, make sure the brushstrokes were even, make sure all surfaces were covered.  Since I’m short I kept missing some areas since I couldn’t see if I covered the area or not.  Plus having to paint in +90F heat outside is really tiring.

After we put the primer on, we waited for 2 hrs before we put the paint on.  Painting was fun for the first hour and then after that I just wanted the painting to be over with.  I got paint all over myself even though I was being very careful.  We also made the part which hooked to the ladder and the transition ramp.  That was a pain since the metal part that we used to hook the two pieces together was too big and so metal had to be cut.

Sitting on top of the ramp…it looks steeper than when looking at it from the ground.

Here is the plastic we will be putting on top of the box…so slippery!

So stoked that we’ll be able to ride something!  Haha I’m hoping to get better at tricks by using this setup…we shall see.  Maybe 180 on, 180 off?

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  1. internet guy #11 permalink
    08/25/2011 11:42 AM

    Maybe 180 on, 180 off…no, straight to 360s.

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