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Most of the components of the ramp are now complete!  Phew!  It took a while, but now the ramp is ready…for testing that is.  We have never built anything like this before nor have any real mechanical background, so the next best thing to make sure the ramp works and to solve out any kinks would be is to become guinea pigs!

Therefore, I decided to volunteer as one of the possible lighter rider testers to make sure I’m able to carry enough speed down the ramp and onto the box.  We decided to test without any box because we have to first get used to sliding down a ramp on snowflex which none of us have done before.  Also adding a box would add to the complexity of the test and probably end up with something bruised or worse yet broken.

The ramp and the various snowflex carpets were laid out onto the street to test since we wanted a flat surface.  Now setting something up this big and odd naturally attracts a lot of attention.  While we started to put everything together in the street (don’t worry this street is in a residential area with no blind spots so people can’t run us over), the neighbors from across the street came out to watch and also any cars that drove by couldn’t stop and stare at what we were doing.  A couple of the cars stopped to ask what we were doing and one guy even stopped to tell me to wear my helmet while I was testing it out.

First run:  that was pretty nerve wracking.  Climbing the ladder and putting the board on top and trying to strap in while 6ft above the ground on a 2ftx2ft platform.  I was being careful not to lose my balance or lean too far back because there is no railing.  After taking a bit to strap in came the part about actually sliding down the ramp.  I was like…ummm so how do I do this because I can’t just start sliding.  I carefully edged my way over and after telling myself well…fuck it, let me just slide down.  I tipped my weight over to my front foot which was already dangling in air and slid down.  Phew…didn’t kill myself, but it was definitely an adrenaline rush.

After getting over the initial run and realizing it wasn’t so bad, I went down the ramp a couple of times to get used to the feeling.  Right away we realized the ramp wasn’t stable enough since it kept on lifting up off the ground and it caused me to lose a lot of speed to the point where I would never be able to make it onto the box.  Therefore, we had to stabilize the ramp further.  After that, the ramp no longer lifted up and I was able to carry enough speed.  Then we placed the ramp up to the box to see if we can make it up that ramp.  After fixing the down ramp and stabilizing it, there was enough speed for me to make it up the transition and onto a possible box we would place there afterwards.

Now we just need to screw the snowflex down and screw the plastic onto the box.  It doesn’t seem like much work left, but I’m sure with small things that pop up here and there it’ll still take a bit of work.

Ramp put together in the street

Ramp with snowflex on it

Some nice lemonade and my board..trying to be artsy haha!

First person POV vid and my friend going down this ramp vid will be up soon after I edit it a bit and upload to vimeo!

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