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One step forward two steps back…


After testing everything out on the ramp, we started to notice a couple of big flaws in our setup.  Mainly the fact that we were barely making it over to where the box would be even though it was only a couple of feet away from when we exit the ramp.  You can tell from the POV vid I posted up last week, that I lose quite a bit of speed once I go from the ramp and hit the ground.

Also it’s pretty sketchy strapping in on a 2ft x2ft platform 6ft off the ground which can cause serious damage if one were to lose their balance.  Therefore we have decided to rebuild our drop in ramp so we’re able to maintain our speed and not lose it when we transition from the drop in to the box.  We’re also planning on making the platform bigger so it will be easier to strap into and won’t be so scary when we’re moving up there.

This is going to set us back another couple of weeks and more money to get the necessary wood.  Luckily up until now all the wood we got for free since most of the money went into the carpet and shipping the carpet to us.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to work on it this week since I hyper-extended my neck and it hurts to even move it.  Of all things to get injured from…yoga did me in when  I lost my balance in a forearm handstand and landed on my neck.  This is going to be fun waiting for this injury to heal.

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