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Getting in shape


So as the season is almost about to start (except for those lucky bastards in CO where the season already started for at least 3 resorts), I’ve been trying to prepare for being on snow and snowboarding for hours on end.  Now I know I will never last if I just sat on the couch all summer long and did no training/exercise whatsoever.   Plus I’m a bit of a gym rat I guess since I need to work out everyday or I feel like crap.

I thought I would share what I do to keep in relative shape so when the first man made snow falls on the ground (I live in Socal so it will be man made snow), I will be ready and not crap out after 1 hr of boarding.  On a weekly basis I try to do something active at least 5 days out of the week.  At the gym, I usually go to spin class to work on my endurance and keep my legs in shape.  Plus doesn’t hurt to have a nice ass 😛  I also do yoga at least 2 or 3 times a week to work on my flexibility and to prevent injury.  During the season I also do yoga to stretch out sore muscles and tight hips.  Also it probably helps with grabs if I can actually reach down and hold my board if I’m more flexible.  That’s what I do to just keep me in shape in general, for more snowboarding based exercises these are the other things I do…

Vew do balance board:  I got this a year ago just to work on being balanced.  It doesn’t feel like I’m on a snowboard or maybe I’m doing it wrong.  I just use it to balance and also hop on and off this thing.  I tried to do a 180 on this and nearly killed myself and scared my roommates with the noise I made while falling.  I just usually hop onto this when I’m watching tv so I can mindlessly balance while watching tv.  Kinda steep for the price at $100, but it’s made in Vermont so I’ll support something made in the US.

Balance beam:  this was created about a month ago.  Got this from Snowboard Addiction to help with skatestyle features and also balance.  Initially I was doing this with a snowboard, but since snowboard is heavy, I was only able to do 5 or 6 hops onto this thing before I tired myself out and I needed to take a break (plus it was a pain putting my boots on and strapping in).  Also I live on the second floor of an apartment complex so I don’t think my downstairs neighbors appreciated this.  I then forked over $20 to make myself a skateboard/snowboard thing as outlined in Snowboard Addiction.  This helped with keeping the noise level down and made it easier for me to just do this.  Although it is a bit harder with the skate deck to lock onto the beam…I guess this will be better for me in the long run.

Trampoline: found this place which is 20min away.  It’s a place full of trampolines!!!  I’m using it for air awareness and to not be so scared when I’m in the air and panic.  Also I’ve been backflipping on the trampolines to see if I can maybe one day do it on snow.  It’s $10/hr to bounce there and it is a workout!  In 10minutes I am in need of water badly.  They also have a bounce board which they rent out for the hour.  I rented one and I got to work on my grabs and now I feel like I can do them on actual snow haha…ok maybe not but at least I know what position to be in for grabs.

What are some other tricks/practice drills do you do on the off season?  Let me know!

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