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Do I look fat in this…?


The season is almost about to start in socal.  The temps have dropped and the local mountain is making snow it seems this week and it’s actually snowing up in the mountains!!  So happy today and am definitely doing a snowdance so the snow keeps falling.  Hoping that Mt High opens Sunday and then from Thursday to Sunday I’ll be able to ride Mammoth 😀

I have finally got my outerwear now for this season.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the pink sparkly pants which I wore all of last season fell apart.  The seams ripped and yeah it was a disaster.  Luckily the guys at Volcom helped me out.  I initially took my pants in and they stitched up the holes and seams, but they ripped again.  Volcom said these pants weren’t working for me and so they allowed me to pick out a pant from their new seasons gear.  Unfortunately the pants I requested only was available in this fugly colorway that I just couldn’t wear so I asked for a jacket instead.  They said sure no thing!  So I ended up with this jacket:

Black seine pullover from Volcom…I’ve never had a pullover before so it should be interesting to see how I end up liking/disliking it as the season goes on.

For pants I wanted something durable and my friend suggested Burton’s mosaic goretex pants.  $200 for a pair of goretex pants isn’t bad, the fabric is a bit thicker and heavier than AK stuff, but it’s still goretex so I got it in purple.

This is what I will be rocking this season on the slopes.  I’m hoping this outerwear will be a bit more durable than my previous yellow and pink combo although I will miss being so easy to spot on the mountain, but at least I’ll be more incognito!

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