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The Kiddddd!!!!


On Saturday Surfside, a local board shop, had a snow carnival.  Their snow carnival is a pre season sale that they throw and they have vendors come out to set up carnival games where the proceeds go to a charity.  It’s fun because you get to play games and win stuff plus you get to go shopping.  A triple winning combination.  Now I had been checking their fb to see the updates about sales and event details and a while back they posted that Travis Rice would be coming since the very same day the Art of Flight premiere was taking place in Newport Beach.

Now when I saw that news, I was freaking excited.  He is my favorite rider and so to be able to meet him was like a dream come true haha.  So since he was going to be there for autograph signing I told myself if there is one thing you have to do that day it was to meet Travis Rice.

On the day of the snow carnival, I went to the store and picked up a base layer and socks and met up with the EL crew.  I also got to meet some of the other people on EL who I haven’t met before.  It was nice to finally meet them and put a face to their sn’s.  Yay for internet friendz!  I then proceeded to go play carnival games and to win some socks, mug, hat, etc.  I also saw my friend who reps for several snowboarding companies there too which I haven’t seen in at least a year.  So it was nice being able to catch up with him and see how he and his wife were doing.  This is one of the reasons I love snowboarding, you get to meet such great people and it gives you an opportunity to hang out with them.

All these fun carnival games

Then it was time.  They announced that Travis Rice was at the front of the store and he was signing.  I made myself over there and got in line.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t such a long line to meet him.  Maybe 10 people at the max?  He was a really chill dude, he talked to people and answered their questions.  I’m not going to say what I talked to him about because I was so excited to meet him and nervous that my mind went blank and my convo was retarded.

Here he is signing:

I took a pic with him, but I’m not going to post here to protect my identity 😛  It’s up on my fb though.

There were other pros walking around too.  Danny Davis and Luke Mitrani were there.  VZ had Eric and John Jackson at their tent signing autographs.  I got to talk to them a bit and found out they will be in Mammoth for opening weekend.  Also told Eric Jackson his part in Good Look was mind blowing.

Here they are at the tent:

Both of them were really nice guys.

After the snow carnival, I hung out with the EL crew which is always fun and then we made our way to the Art of Flight premiere in Newport Beach.  It was the last stop of the north American tour.  Kurt Morgan was there as was Travis Rice, Lando, Jamie Lynn, and John Jackson.

Lando had a broken foot from playing soccer apparently…

Watching Art of Flight on a big screen…so worth it.  I’ve already watched the movie numerous times at home, but watching it in a theater it just makes it that much better haha.  It’s funny how they used a phantom camera for the movie and in my lab we also have a phantom camera, but we use it for research.

After this fun filled day, I promptly went to sleep to go snowboarding the following day 😀

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