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First day of the season


First day of my season wasn’t at some place which is known for getting a ton of snow or a world class mountain.  My first day was at my local hill Mt High on 11/6.  I was surprised that the mountain opened this early because just a week or two before, the place had no snow and it was warm.  I got there around 9am and went to the RFID gate, but my pass didn’t work so I had to stay in the season pass line.  This happens every year and I don’t know why they can’t have more windows open, but it took me an hour to get my pass activated and there was only 5 people in front of me.

The first day they had a couple of boxes and rails set up.  I just hit a flat box and wavy box that had been set up and just played around on my board for the day getting my snowboarding legs back.  Surprisingly, it came back quick and it didn’t feel too awkward getting off the lift.  I then met up with a couple of my friends who got there about an hour after me and we rode together for a couple of laps.  Unfortunately, I didn’t hydrate correctly.  After two hours of boarding, my foot was falling asleep due to being dehydrated and I knew I would probably hurt myself if I kept riding so I called it quits plus it’s only the first day of the season.  No need to risk something on a crappy snow condition anyway.  The snow was ok in the morning and then it started getting icy with all the people riding.  I made sure not to fall during the day since it would be painful to hit the ice.

Here is a shot of Mt High


It actually snowed while I was there!

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