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Mammoth Big Winter Kickoff!


Last week Mammoth opened and with their opening, they had the Big Winter Kickoff with plenty of events scheduled throughout the weekend.  This was the first time I’ve ever been to Mammoth’s opening weekend so I was excited to go and enjoy the festivities plus ride with all of my friends.  We left Orange County Wednesday afternoon to arrive in Mammoth around 8pm.  I missed this place!  It feels just like yesterday when I was last up there.  The forecast for Mammoth that weekend looked like snow on Friday till Saturday morning so it seemed like a good weekend to go up plus they had a storm the weekend before so I wasn’t too worried about the coverage.  I decided to break out my new board the Capita Saturnia 146 for the 4 days I would be riding.  I didn’t have any issues switching back to camber after I’ve been on reverse camber exclusively for 2 seasons.

Day 2 Thursday: Went riding with dontsleep, BM, and JT from Easyloungin.  It was a nice sunny day and it wasn’t too warm.  After getting our legs back, we all decided to hit the park.  That day they had plenty of ride on features, but only one 40ft jump.  I felt good going through the park.  Hit the battleship box, rail, box, down box, and box in that order.  I was taking them with more speed than I normally would and I was shifting my board around on the boxes.  However, one run I took a box and started shifting into a boardslide and then I heard a dreaded clink as my edge caught.  I went flying forward and landed on my side/back near my hip.  It knocked the wind out of me and I was just rolling around in pain for a good while before I could regain my composure and let my friends know that I think I was ok and that I could ride down to the lodge.  The rest of the day I spent in the lodge limping around and icing my injury.  It was painful to put weight on my front foot 😦  On the way to the parking lot, we saw Eric and John Jackson and so talked with them for a bit.

Beautiful day on the slopes

We then went to the premiere of TB20 and Good Look at Hyde Lounge at night.  TB20 was pretty good and I got a free copy of it…they were just handing it out.  All the pros were there: John and Eric Jackson, Devun Walsh, Kimmy Fasani, and many more just hanging out.  After the movie, they were tossing stuff into the audience and a pair of socks came flying right smack toward me and it knocked the drink I had on the table right into my lap…into my crotch.  So it basically looked like I had wet my pants…great…

At Hyde Lounge for the premieres

Day 3 Friday: Friday the storm started to roll in and it became cold on the mountain.  Visibility wasn’t so bad, but it definitely was difficult to see up top.  I went through the park a couple of times since they added a much smaller jump which was easier to take and there was practically no knuckle on this jump.  After yesterday’s bad fall, my confidence was still shaken for boxes so I just took it easy plus it still hurt to ride.  Toward the end of the day I just ended up playing around on Broadway spinning 1s and jumping off of the small bumps that formed from people moving the snow around.  When we got back to our car it was covered in snow 😀

Day 4 and 5 Saturday and Sunday: ESQ and his wife came up the following night and we got to ride with them as well as dontsleep and JT.  Friday night it snowed a bit so Saturday morning we had some pow to play around in.  As the day wore on though, it became bumpy so we went through the park a couple of times.  Dontsleep successfully took the 40ft jump a couple of times and he looked good on it.  Sunday it was more park laps since the snow was icy.  Video I made from footage that day will be available on the next post! 😀

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