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Ice ice ice baby


Day 6 Mountain High…I got there thinking I would get slush conditions, perfect for trying new things out and attempting new tricks, but lo and behold, the whole mountain was a big ice cube.   First chair was at 10am (I know, I know, I overslept and didn’t leave my house until 8am, plus a major onramp to a connecting freeway was closed and I had to detour along with everyone else trying to get on the 15).

I got on the lift and then I heard it…the dreadful scraping noise of snowboard against ice and as I went further and further up, I saw people just slowly going about.  Visibility wasn’t great either with the clouds rolling in.  So you have random ice patches with crap visibility…I’m like ok I can manage this as I slowly make myself down the run, looking for ice patches and trying my best not to do any hard turns or sudden movements in case of an ice patch.  I rode around for a couple of laps, but the ice patches kept increasing as well as the run starting to bump up as more and more people moved what little snow there was on top.  The beginner features were all rutted out, but the features up top were still decent.

However, with the low visibility and the ice and trying my best not to slide out or land on the ice, I just wasn’t feeling it.  My friends who came around noon also rode a little bit with me, but all of us were not feeling the ice and the potential to really hurt ourselves if we rode longer.  So after a short day we called it quits and decided to come back after the forecasted storms rolled through the area allowing the ice to be buried somewhat and for the mountain to also blow snow.

I’m going up to Mt High again on Tuesday to ride with the EL crew.  Sorry no footage from today because well who wants to see just white and hear the scraping of ice?

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