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T day shred! (days 7-11)


This whole week I got 5 days of riding in out of 7 😀 Chyeaaah!  So on Tuesday I met up with the EL crew along with some new peeps such as bboytommy and jigkidd.  It was finally nice to be able put a face to their sn and to meet them.  I carpooled up with dre and met up with DAS up at Mt High.  It was just a fun day of endless park laps.  The weather was perfect and the snow was a million times better than what was there on Saturday.  Mt High got 5-10inches of snow on Sunday night and that helped a lot with getting ride of the ice and getting a few more runs open.  The park that they had set up was really nice too.  Some nice mellow boxes and rails to get comfortable on park features.

Thursday – Sunday I rode with my friends at Mt High.  Thursday was not at all crowded.  The crowds disappeared by noon and there were no lift lines.  In the morning, the conditions were good, but after 12 fog started rolling in and visibility was bad.  Toward the end we couldn’t see the landings of features and we kept getting tossed because we just couldn’t see where to land or where there were bumps in the snow.

Friday – I rode with my Thursday friends again and saw DAS and his wife up at Mt High.  All of us decided to take park laps together.  It was fun just lapping the park and trying out the new features they had set up.

Saturday – Sunday – Rode with my Mt High peeps these 2 days.  Met some new people who were really good.  I took a lot of footage these two days and did some follow cam.  I haven’t checked the footage yet, but people were crazy.  Throwing flips and rodeos all over.  Hopefully I got them on video.  I will try to have an edit for all of you to enjoy by Friday hopefully 🙂  If not I’ll make it during the weekend.

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