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Mt High and Bear Mountain


On Saturday I went up to Mt High to ride with my friends.  We had a fun time and we also did a tailgate/bbq in the parking lot.  Although it was freezing cold that day.  I had all my layers on and I was still cold.  The beginner park was just set up perfect though.  They had a dance pad and several easy boxes and rails set up.  I love just trying to spin on the dance pad.  However after lunch the whole mountain just turned into one huge ice chunk.  I was having a hard time holding an edge and I could tell other people were too.  By 1pm there was practically no lift lines.  By 3pm I called it quits and was over it since I couldn’t even ride on this ice sheet.  The wind just made everything worse because it blew off all the snow.

On Sunday I met up with the EL crew to ride Bear Mountain.  It’s been a whole year since I’ve been there so it was fun to check out a new mountain.  They are on top of maintaining the park.  The whole day there I didn’t see any large  holes form at the end of features, even for the beginner features.  I was thoroughly impressed since I’m always expecting at the end of the feature I will have to ride away from a huge sink hole.  I also hit my first big jump of the season!  25footer!  Although I knuckled it haha, but I’m almost in the landing zone.  Now the bad, I was shocked at how long the lift lines were.  People complain about the lift lines at Mt High being long, well the lift lines at chair 9 at Bear Mountain was ridiculous.  Also there seemed to have been a lot more collisions and people just not knowing how to ride on this mountain.  My friend had his board run over by a skier!  And there was the weird choke point halfway down the mountain where the run just became 20ft wide and everyone is stopped or sitting.  I guess it’s because I’m unfamiliar with how the mountain flows, but I felt unsafe on this mountain because every so often I was afraid someone would collide into me.

Here is the one run at Bear I filmed going through the features including the big jump at the beginning.  Enjoy!

I will also edit the footage from Thanksgiving weekend…I just have 10 films I need to go through and put together so it’s taking me a while.

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