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DIY GoPro Pole without power tools!


As you know I got a gopro in the summer.  Up until now I’ve been filming with it attached to my helmet and following people around or had a friend hold it while we took features.  I was getting tired of people ending up looking tiny in the film so I decided to make a gopro pole.  First I looked up online what other people have done.  All of the diy projects I looked at required a ski pole (which I didn’t have and didn’t want to go looking for cheap ones) or required a power tool to drill holes into a PVC pipe or end cap.  I wasn’t even sure if I had the correct drill bit and didn’t feel like digging through a box full of miscellaneous tools to find it.  However, I thought well might as well go to Home Depot and get the supplies and then worry about the tools or figure out a way to drill a hole without a drill bit.

So I was originally going to use this person’s diy project:

So I walked over to the local REI and Home Depot near my house.  As the site said I needed a gopro tripod mount which I bought at REI for $8.  Now off to Home Depot to look for the threaded PVC pipe and end cap and the necessary screw.  I got to Home Depot and found the 1/2″ PVC threaded pipe no problem.  However, I couldn’t find an end cap for it in that section, but found this:  a sprinkler head with a brass fitting that was threaded and could fit a 1/2″ PVC pipe.  Now I wasn’t sure if the screw size would be the same for the tripod mount and the only way to find out was to take the metal part off and since I was in Home Depot I was able to find a screwdriver that could take it out.  I fitted a 1/4″-20×1″ screw from an open bag easily through where the metal part went in, but it was too long.  So we guessed and figured a 5/8″ screw would work since there was a good 1/2″ of extra screw we didn’t need.

All in all I ended up spending $4.28 at Home Depot for the 3 components.

For the handle part, I found a lanyard I didn’t need and wrapped it around the threaded part.  I then used duct tape to keep the lanyard on and to make it grippy.

Here’s the finished product

This is the sprinkler part













So the tripod mount goes where the sprinkler head will be and I used a screw from the bottom of it and attached the gopro tripod mount.  This already ensures that there is a hole there to put a screw through without the need for a drill bit or power tools!  Just used my hand to tighten and when I couldn’t tighten it anymore, I used a screwdriver to hold the screw to tighten the gopro mount on it more.

List of Materials:

2′ 1/2″ threaded PVC pipe

1/4″ – 20×5/8″ screw

1 brass quarter pattern nozzle flush sprinkler

1 gopro tripod mount

1 lanyard

duct tape

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