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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!  2011 was definitely a fun year for me.  I started this blog 😛  Last year I was able to meet a bunch of new people to ride with and  I’ve been pretty lucky to be able to ride as much as I was able to.  I was able to get more comfortable in park and just be confident taking features with the help of my friends who encouraged me and give me tips.   I can’t thank them enough and for all the fun time on the slopes!  This summer I was able to go to MHSSC which was an awesome time and I hope to go again next summer since I believe going to that camp gave me a lot of confidence.  Plus who doesn’t want to snowboard for a week in summer?

I still have a long way to go though in progression.  Every season I have some goals I would like to accomplish and this season I would like to be able to get comfortable taking skatestyle features and getting frontboards down.  Also I’m working on getting more comfortable on bigger sized jumps and making sure I clear the knuckle.  I still land at the end of the knuckle or barely in the landing zone and I know it’s being comfortable with speed thing.  I think I can accomplish these goals by the end of the season hopefully.

I also got a gopro last year to film and learned how to edit videos so I hope to make more fun little edits this season.  It’s been fun learning how to use a video editing program and trying to make a video that flows taking clips from 10+ videos I take.  So look for more edits.  This season I’ve signed up for the Oakley Progression Session in March at Mammoth so I’ll be writing about that.  I’m looking forward to it since pros will teach and it’s my birthday weekend so it’ll be a nice little present to myself for getting old.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far 😀

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