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Nike Chosen Rail Jam


Yesterday night the Nike Chosen Rail Jam took place at Mt High.  Watching the playground cam, the course they had set up seemed pretty awesome.  There was a stair set, a concrete ledge, a huge rainbow box, and 3 quarters connected by corrugated pipe.  I didn’t realize how much snow they had in the playground area to make all of those features.  We decided to go since it would be a nice change of pace from the usual Friday evenings which consists of falling asleep at 10pm (I’m old :P) and to also go hang out at my friend’s house to see his many boards and outerwear.

We left OC around 2:30pm thinking, we got this, we shouldn’t run into traffic, but Corona and the 91 always proves us wrong.  After detouring to avoid that horrendous traffic we made it to my friend’s house around 4:30.  The even starts at 5, but we figure most of these events never start on time and might as well catch the end of it since that’s when the finals are.  We saw my friend’s snowboarding room, which was awesome.  I hope one day when I have a house to have a room dedicated to all snowboard stuff.  I think there was 20 boards in there and a closet just dedicated to outerwear.  I still have a long way to go in my gear whore ways.

After hanging out, we made our way over to Mt High around 6:30.  When we saw the setup and the production that went into it we were thoroughly impressed.  They had a smoke machine, cool lights, and on the snow which the rainbow box sat on, they showed clips.  Also they had music and it was all around fun to watch even though I didn’t dress warmly enough for my poor feet.

Here’s some pics of the setup I took on my phone:

The bottom half of the course with the 3 quarters connected with corrugated pipes.  The middle one had a measuring stick to show how high the riders were getting on it.

The huge raindbow box they had in the middle of the course

The whole course from the top.  The riders were getting a lot of speed, but it was pretty icy.  I would be scared to ride in the park with those icy conditions.

(Sorry for the netting…yeah I couldn’t really get too close).

The riding was top notch.  We made it right in time for the finals.  It was fun watching all of these technical tricks being thrown down on icy conditions.  Saw sparks fly on the concrete down ledge as metal edges were being scraped on it.  Since I got there late and the announcer kept messing up names, it was kind of hard to tell who the guys were dropping in.   Ryan Paul won the finals.  He was throwing down frontflips on the rainbow box.  Kyle Lopiccolo was boosting high on the quarterpipe going up to like 10ft according to the marker.  I think he was really the only rider who was getting a ton of air.  Melissa Evans won for the women’s and I wasn’t surprised.  She was riding hard and with such style on the rainbow box.

After the winners were announced, we walked onto the course.  The crowd you see in the background there are the riders who were in the finals mingling after the winners were announced.  It was scary making it down into the course and I would’ve felt much safer if I was on my board making it down on the ice than sneakers on ice.

All in all I was thoroughly impressed with Mt High and look forward to more of these contests in the future.  Sorry there were no riding shots…I tried but they’re all blurry and bad especially taking it on the phone.

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