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You can never be too old…


Yesterday I went riding at Bear Mountain instead of my usual at Mt High because a couple of my friends who I haven’t seen in a while were going to be there.  They call themselves the OMPC or old man park crew.  They are all 35+ and they kill it in the park.  One of them was actually competing in the USASA slopestyle comp they were holding at Bear.  I have a lot of respect for them and when I grow up :P, I want to be just like them…minus the man part.  It’s really funny how they become like little kids while riding and how much they all enjoy being out on the slopes and playing in the park.

They also give me pointers on how to hit features and jumps so it’s like I have my own group of coaches.  Plus they guinea pig features for me first which is a plus.  Here’s a short clip of us on the chair and them taking a jump.  After two runs carrying around the gopro became burdensome, it was placed inside the car and the rest of the day was spent riding.  Mt High has no pipe so it was a refreshing change to be able to ride the pipe.  I just went up and down the walls, I forgot how fast it can feel while riding pipe and I definitely felt really rusty riding it.  I want to one day be able to air a bit out of it.  I also hit a c box for the very first time…it wasn’t as bad as I thought and I didn’t die.  I didn’t complete it since I didn’t have the correct speed and I either fell off or rode along the edge of the box for a bit due to too much speed.  I’ll eventually figure out the speed and angle to come in at to ride the c box to the end.  Skatestyle features still scare the crap out of me…I know I can do them, but seriously they play with my head.

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