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Getting over fear


So my goal this season was to attack skatestyle features and to be able to comfortably ride them.  Well that goal has been harder to accomplish than I first thought it would be.  It has been a big mind game in terms of overcoming the fear of just doing that side ollie onto the feature and not eating it.

I’ve been eyeing this down rail at my local resort for a while now.  My friends will tell you, every time I roll up to and I’m about to hop on, the last second I just veer quickly away and never take it.  I think I’ve rolled up to that rail like more than 50 times by now…just really wanting to take that feature, but at the last second my mind telling me no and my body just freezing up.  Well this weekend, I finally went for the down rail and once I connected to the rail and didn’t die, it wasn’t bad.  Each run after that I kept going for it so my fear wouldn’t come back.  Second to last try on the down rail though, I clipped it.  My front foot got onto the feature, but my back foot didn’t and so I got in a weird front boardslide position on my edge.  The whole time I’m thinking…whatever you do hold on and don’t fall while still on the rail because I would’ve hit my face onto it.  Luckily I held on just long enough that I was able to fall face first onto the snow.  I was shaken, but determined.  I knew if I just quit now, I would have that mental block again.  So the next lift ride up, I made sure to hit the rail even though I was afraid of clipping it again.  Luckily even though I was a bit further from the rail than I hoped I would be, I made it onto the rail.

It’s just like when I first started to learn how to ride ride on features, I know I will eventually get comfortable enough that I won’t think twice about it, but it will take time.  I’m just stoked I hit that down rail I’ve been eyeing and after that first attempt where I made it, I was ecstatic 😀

Oakley Progression session is finally this week.  I’ve been looking forward to this since December.  The forecast is even calling for a pow day so I couldn’t have asked for a more fun birthday weekend.

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  1. 03/13/2012 3:35 PM

    you go girl!

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