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Bday pow day


I timed to go to Mammoth and to do OPS for my birthday so when the weather forecast called for the biggest storm of the season that weekend, I knew I would be getting at least one pow day in.  Fortunately the stars aligned and for my actual birthday, we got bluebird, 5ft of fresh pow day.  They opened up the top around 10am and we were able to make it there by 10:30am.  Unfortunately the front was already chewed up by the time we got up there so we decided to go to the backside since not many people have made it down there yet.  That was a great decision.  There were already tracks, but it was not chewed up to the point where there were moguls like on the front side of the mountain.  It felt so great going down with pow underneath you.  I flipped once since I dug my nose in (didn’t set back my bindings at all nor was I riding my reverse camber board).  After that one run down backside, we decided to go down paranoid flats and make it over to white bark bowl.  White bark bowl area wasn’t chewed up badly yet.  I kept my speed down it as much as possible, but I dug my nose in and flipped, laughed it off because it was like falling into pillows and kept going.

After those 2 runs, our legs were burning.  This was the 4th day in a row we were riding and 3 of them were riding in pow or consisted of me hiking.  My energy levels were drained.  Plus all the locals and anyone who wanted powder was out so in about an hour pretty much everything was ridden.  It was kind of crazy how the mountain thinned in an hour after the top opened since everything was chewed up.  We decided to head over to wonderland park in canyons and just ride park there.  By this point, I was so tired I was ok with just leisurely cruising and not struggling to keep my nose up in pow.  Did some back 1s off the jump they have there.  I think back 1s are my favorite spin out of the two I know haha.  I just find spinning backside so much more easier than front for some reason.

Hooray for pow!

Riding park on a stormy pow day…

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