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To film or to ride?


I haven’t written a blog post in almost a month!  For the last couple of weekends I had been enjoying the last few days of the 11/12 season.  My local resort closed almost 2 weeks ago, but they reopened when they were hit with that storm a while back.  I enjoyed a pow day in socal, in mid April which was unbelievable.  I will be putting together a short 1 min vid of that day since I was riding solo in the early morning when I was trying my best to find untracked pow.

As the person with the gopro, I always have this dilemma of should I bring my gopro and my gopro stick to the hill?  If I do bring my gopro I can usually stick it inside my pouch in my jacket, but it wouldn’t be as a stable or near shot I can get with the gopro stick.  Also a lot of times, I’ve accidentally turned on the camera while it was in my pocket and filled up the SD card with just the inside of my pocket.  It is really annoying when you get home and realize why the SD card was full and you’re left with 30 minutes of pocket footage.  If I do bring the gopro stick, I’m stuck with carrying it around on the hill and I can’t do any features and I’m stuck just filming.  There’s nothing wrong with just filming, but when you’re only riding on the weekend, you just want to ride till your heart’s content.  Plus after filming, you’re left with footage that needs editing.  I have several videos lined up and when I can’t go every weekend which is after this weekend, I’ll be posting up vids.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy them! 🙂

The best way to get around this dilemma I found, was to get a significant other who wants to ride with you, but doesn’t like park.  My bf fits the bill perfectly so whenever he comes, he’s stuck with filming duties.  Still it’s a pain to be lugging around a stick on a mountain.

Here’s a link to how to make the gopro stick (which is the most popular post on my blog):

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