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EL Meatup…It’s a rental!!!!!!


Last year, I was able to meet a lot of people from EasyLoungin when people in California decided to meet in the middle at Mammoth Mountain.  We rented a baller condo for all of us to stay at and had slushy park laps.  This year we decided to do it all over again! 🙂

We got more people to come as we met more people through EL during the past season.  I think at the end we had 18 people sign up for the event and 2 condos booked to accommodate all of us.  Of course some people from last year’s meatup couldn’t make it due to work, injury, or travel restrictions and we missed them (Ben, Mike, and Greg).  Props to Ben for finding and booking the condo and figuring out the logistics.  We missed you at the meat up 😦  Without Ben’s organizational skills, these meat ups would definitely not happen.

Day 1: Travel to Mammoth Mountain.  Most of us made it to the mountain no problem with some people arriving early to ride a half day and others arriving late at 1am.  As per tradition, someone has to be stopped by chp…which happened to Christophe’s crew from Tahoe.  Since all of us trickled in that day, we didn’t get to do much except try to figure out where everyone would be sleeping and making sure no one would be without a comfy place to sleep.

Day 2: Slushy park laps! The day started with us on the mountain by 10 in the morning.   Gopros in hand (I think we had a total of 4 gopros between all of us), we rode through the park, nonstop.  It was so much fun!  We were cheering each other on, taking jumps and features with progression happening in the process.  The filmer for the day was Adam and he didn’t realize that I changed the backing of the case so that sound could be recorded more clearly.  His comments during the run became catchphrases for the weekend.  There’s a line forming! (while all of us are scoping out the jump and people waiting behind us)  Good one Yuka! (telling me this while I ate it)  He was a demanding filmer which we never realized until we heard his comments 😛

We had method trains, spins, backflips, and tame dogs off of jumps.  With 12 of us riding together in the park, we were definitely a sizeable crowd there.  We were having so much fun, we ended up riding until they closed the mountain at 4.

Afterwards was apres, with tons of alchie, burgers, tri tip, and more alchie.  We ended up going out at 11pm to lakanuki’s and forming a dance circle there.  Shot some lifestyle footie at the bar.  Came back at 1am and some of the guys decided to go to the other condo where everyone there went to sleep early.  They probably woke everyone up with their laughing and their quest to find food.  Apparently they bbqed more burgers at 2 in the morning because they were hungry.

Day 3:  With people hung over and sleep deprived, we definitely had a harder time getting up and getting onto the mountain, but we made it.  Another day of fun slushy park laps.  We mobbed a small jump, changed filmers so we could get fresh commentary, and just had an awesome time riding with everyone.  By 1 though everyone had run out of steam and sadly it was time for everyone to go home.

This will definitely become a tradition for the cali people on EL.

We took a lot of vids and I have at least 40 clips to sort through to make a vid.  I’m thinking of compiling it into a mini movie type format instead of a 3min vid since it was so much fun just riding with everyone and we got a lot of footage.  Good crew, good snow, just fun times all around.  After every run, everyone was just laughing and smiling.

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