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A little bit of pow in mid April?


Mt High was scheduled to close 4/8…last day being Easter.  However, they reopened when a storm dropped at least a foot the following Friday.  That meant a pow day in mid April in socal!  I woke up super early knowing I had to be in the lot before the resort opened because I knew a lot of people were waiting for conditions like this.  I got into the upper lot, but when I walked to the lift, I saw a huge line already forming at the gate.  I quickly chose to go on the beginner lift and make it over to conquest chair which turned out to be a good choice.  I was probably the first 10 people on the lift and was able to enjoy a relatively untouched conquest run.  Here is the vid I took that day.  Sorry for the first person POV…I was riding solo so I was filming myself or filming where I was going.  Apologies ahead of time if it gives you motion sickness or whatnot.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Mike permalink
    05/06/2012 1:08 PM

    Nice. You were passing people near the bottom like they were standing still. Mid March we were pretty much done in the Catskills and much of Vermont. I’m back to kiteboarding and paddleboarding when there’s no wind.

  2. 05/07/2012 11:49 AM

    Thanks! Yeah this was a surprise storm. The resorts were pretty much done the weekend before since there were brown spots everywhere. With this storm, we got one extra weekend out of the season. The snow promptly melted away in like 3 days though since it warmed back up.

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