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Today was the first day of being on snow for camp.  Woke up at 6:30, had breakfast, and waited in van for close to 40minutes for a person to drive us up to the mountain.  I finally made it up to the mountain and waited around some more.  If I knew I would’ve been waiting for so long I wouldn’t have quickly tried to eat breakfast, but taken a more leisurely approach.

The public park wasn’t open until 10am so for the first few runs, we just lapped some groomers to get our legs back.  It felt so good to ride again and feel the snow underneath your board.  Rode some switch and bombed some runs.  Took a little jump that was made from a snow chunk on the side of the groomers and almost felt like I ate it.  Told myself to take it easy since it’s been 2 months since I last rode.

Around 10, the line at the lift was ridiculous so the group decided to go to the private park and hike features.   Today I worked on just getting comfortable on features again and also tried a down rail.  First time I tried it, I was ok, but the second time I didn’t jump high enough and clipped it with my back leg shin.  That was pretty painful for my shin, but I didn’t hurt anything else since I just rolled on the fall.  I decided to just practice on a mellow ride on rail after that because my shin cannot take another hit like that.  I was wearing knee pads, but the rail found the one part of my shin not covered by the pad or the boot.

Tried to nosepress on the rail, but it’s so much harder on the rail than on the snow.  So I decided to just try front 1 out of the rail.  Still doing 90 because I’m not prewinding.  I will do that tomorrow and hopefully I’ll ride a little bit better since I would be more warmed up.  My legs are tired and sore though and I think there is a bruise forming on my shin.

Kind of sad that 2 of the coaches from last year aren’t here (Ben and Dustin) 😦

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