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I woke up this morning with a nice bruise on my left shin…yay!  Got up a little earlier today so I wouldn’t be so rushed in the morning to finish my food, but I seem to always miss out on getting cookies for lunch as well as lettuce.  I guess it’s better for me since it’s excess sugar which I don’t need.  I’ve been good this week.  Even though there is a soda machine available 24/7, I haven’t had soda yet and I’ve been rehydrating myself with water.

Today we got up to the mountain a little earlier than yesterday since there didn’t need to be any stance changes on any of the boards.  Took a couple of laps on the groomers to warm up and then we headed over to the park to work on some tricks.  First time on the box I just did 50/50.  Second time on the box I just over thought about weighting and unweighting before I get onto the box and after I get onto the box so I did a hard toe turn and it caused me to bang my right shin into the box.  Great….both shins bruised…

I then tried frontboards today.  Frontboards terrify me since if I catch an edge I could see myself smacking my back and head onto whatever feature I’m doing.  So I just started off shiftying into a frontboard at the last foot of the box and then gradually shiftying into one higher up on the box.  Then I tried to jump into a frontboard, but I ate it on the box and tumbled.  I kept trying it and now I can frontboard about 10 degrees and I’ll just have to practice kicking my board out more and committing more to the trick.  I think though I have the major motions down.  Funny because on the ground I know the motions and can do it, but once I’m on a moving snowboard, my mind just freezes and my body forgets what I’m supposed to do.

After sessioning the box, we made it over to the public park which had a half pipe.  I felt really shaking going through the halfpipe because it has been so long since I’ve ridden one.  Second time around I felt more comfortable and also because my coach told me to bend my knees more and stay lower to the ground.  The public park right now doesn’t have easy beginner features.  There is the flat box, flat rail, and down box, but everything else either has a donkey kick or they’ve connected things together.  There’s this really nice butter box, but right after it they put a rail so once you come off the box you have to be ready to take a rail.

Around 1ish, I decided to leave the mountain since I could feel how tired I was getting.  I think tomorrow I want to work on all things 180.  In the warm up runs, I’ve been doing 180s, but I still dump a lot of speed before I’ll even try to spin.

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  1. Pete permalink
    07/11/2012 4:44 PM

    Hey Yuka,

    I just wanted to set you straight here so that you will be correct from now on…

    You’ve got your boardslide directional terminology backwards/reversed in your 07/10/2012 MHSSC Day 2 Post above.

    It’s a FrontSide BoardSlide when your frontside/toeside-edge is leading the way. It’s a BackSide Boardslide when your backside/heelside-edge is leading the way.

    If you hang-up your leading FS/TS-Edge during a FS BS, then you will fall forward onto your chest/face/etc. If you hang-up your leading BS/HS-Edge during a BS BS, then you will fall forward onto your butt/back/etc.


    • 08/23/2012 8:47 AM

      Hi Pete,

      I checked and it’s actually correct in the way I describe it. It’s not due to which edge is leading the way when you’re on the feature, it’s based on which edge is facing the feature when you approach. So if you’re doing a fs boardslide, you’ll approach with the feature in front of you. If you’re doing a bs boardslide, then the feature will be behind you when you approach.

      Here’s some youtube vids I found which describe it the way I do in my post:
      one from Roxy:
      one from Snowboard Addiction:

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