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Today the day started out normally, but apparently one of the campers was left at the camp and didn’t make it to the lodge.  I felt really bad for him since he didn’t get to the mountain until 11.  Other than that hiccup everything went fine today.  We took warm up runs before we hit the main park.

The pipe was kind of sketchy from yesterday since it doesn’t seem like they cut it so there were gouges on the left wall that you had to avoid.  I feel like I’m getting more comfortable in the pipe, but I’m nowhere near airing out of it.  One of these days though.  I tried to handplant a couple of times at the bottom of the pipe, but each time just ended up on my stomach and rolled down.

The jump line in public looked a little better than yesterday though.  The first jump they fixed the kicker so it was a bit more poppy.  First time through knuckled it so the second time through I carried in a lot more speed and went in deep into the landing zone.  Right when I landed, my nose dug and I ate it.  Ended up sliding down to the flat on my stomach and scraping that up.  Each day something to remind me of that day of snowboarding.  Bruise on right shin on Monday, bruise on left shin on Tuesday, and scraped up stomach for Thursday.

We then decided to go a little off roading into an area that was bit bumpy for my taste.  It ended up really tiring up my legs since I was using them to dig in and to also absorb all the bumps.  After that run, we decided to go up to our private park to session some boxes and rails.

It was another fun, but tiring day.

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