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MHSSC Day 4 and 5


So the last two days my body felt really tired and sore.  I was moving around so sluggishly, it wasn’t even funny.  Both days though we got out onto the hill by 9am and did warm up laps.  Thursday we did some buttering during our warm up runs and it was fun just twirling around endlessly on the run while hoping no one would hit me.  Friday I asked the coach to go over bs1 and he broke it down little by little so it was easy to master each step along the way.  Toward the end I was able to do both bs1 and switch bs1 on ground (tiny hops though).  Now I know what to do during the winter to keep perfecting it and getting comfortable with it.  I feel like at camp, they give you the little tips and tricks to think about so I could take those and apply it during the winter.

After our warm up runs, we usually hit the public park.  Public park doesn’t open till 10 usually so by the time we enter the public park, we’re all warmed up and ready to hit the features.  Both Thursday and Friday we hit the pipe and got comfortable with edge control in the pipe and our body position.  I’m feeling more and more confident in the pipe.  Friday I pretty much got to the top of the wall and I was ecstatic.  I then hit the other side and I came in too fast and the wall was not as high since it was at the end of the pipe that I didn’t turn and caught my toe edge and slammed my stomach onto the pipe.  It knocked the wind out of me and I had to sit there for about 5 minutes after I crawled out of the pipe.  Even though I crashed, I still find pipe really fun to ride and I hope to ride it a couple of times during the winter.

Usually after hiking the pipe about 5-10 times, we just head down through the public park for the jumps and whatever features they have set up.  They had a good mix of ride on boxes and rails as well as side entry features.  There was a c box in the park and on Thursday I decided to take it since the coach said it wasn’t too hard.  I set up and got onto it, but right when I got onto it I knew I messed up since I wasn’t looking toward the end of the box.  My toe edge slipped out and I banged my hips onto the edge of the c box.  Luckily I have butt/hip pads on as well as knee pads so they took the brunt of the fall.

Both days, we ended up going to the private park around noon to hike features.  On Thursday I was just doing front 1’s onto the small box for fun and Friday I was just so tired, my body would not listen at all.  Every time I approached the box all I could do was a 50/50.  Sad…

Now camp is over and I’m going home tomorrow.  It’s always sad to leave because it’s so fun and I get to snowboard for 5 days straight in summer.  The coaches (Mike and Rick) are both awesome and I hope to come back again next year to learn some more and get more confident everywhere on the mountain.

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  1. bonnie permalink
    10/28/2012 5:32 AM

    Hey there,

    How was it as an adult boarder at MHSSC? Were you around the kids most of the time?

    Also, what was the general skill level of the adults there? I’m around your skill level from what I’m seeing on your site….actually, my switch riding probably sucks more than yours, haha. How did you fare? Was there a big skill disparity?

    What was the lodging like?

    Overall, do you think it was worth it? I’m thinking of going next summer, but am not sure if I’m ready for it. I plan on riding as much as I can this winter, but that can be tough because I have a 9-5. So I really only have weekends…

    Thanks! 🙂

    • 10/28/2012 7:52 AM

      Hey Bonnie,

      So I’ve been twice to MHSSC and I loved it both times. The first time I went there was a lot more people there and because of that there was another adult boarder besides myself. I also became friends with some of the adult skiers too. The second time I went, there weren’t as many people because of the bad season and so I was pretty much the only adult. If you go with the adult only camp then there won’t be any kids, but I went in the beginning of July so you’re mixed in with the kids. I was around the kids most of the time, but the kids are really well behaved. I was surprised since a lot of them are teens, but none of them were disrespectful toward me and they were all very friendly. If you don’t have your own car, they’ll transport you around in a school bus or van so you’re covered there, but most of the adult boarders/skiers last year had their own car or rented a car (I didn’t because poor grad student :P)

      Don’t worry about your skill level since there are people of all skill levels. The first time there were 4 coaches and towards the end I just went with whatever coach was teaching what I wanted to learn. Also you can ask the coach you want to learn this and they’ll work with you on it since you’re an adult and they’ll actually listen to what you want to learn 😛 The coaches are really good and they remembered me the second time I went. The kids levels are all over the place. Some learn trick after trick, while others are barely making it down the mountain. You won’t get left behind and the palmer fields is pretty small so it’s kind of hard not to find people.

      The lodging, well I’m a poor grad student so I went with the cheapest option they had thinking there would be more adults, but I ended up sharing a room with 7 other teen girls the first year. The second year they didn’t have as many people so I ended up sharing a room with a counselor (same counselor as the previous year). I know the other adult camper had lodging in Govy Camp at one of the hotels they have and another who had a son rented a condo there. I didn’t mind sharing the room since I’m used to it, but I think it’s like a $700 more upgrade to have your own room. It might be worth it since you’ll be in Govy Camp instead of the camp lodge which is like 5 miles away from Govy Camp and there’s only a gas station there.

      Overall I think it was worth it. I got individual attention from the coaches probably because I’m one of the few female adult campers that was there and I came up by myself. They have their own private park that you can hike which is what I did both times I was there. Other times we would ride through the public park because they have a half pipe there. Big Mike, one of the coaches, loves to take us through the pipe since it’s a great way to practice edge control and body positioning so if he’s there you’ll def go through the pipe.

      Hope this was helpful and thank you for reading my blog! Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂

  2. bonnie permalink
    10/28/2012 8:27 AM

    Hi Yuka,

    Thanks so much for your detailed response. 🙂

    I reread my post and I just want to clarify that I think my switch riding is sucky. Yours looks a LOT better than mine. 🙂 I think I worded my original comment funky. Sorry about that!

    Anyway, bummer that more adults don’t attend! I was comparing MHSSC to Windells and MHSSC seems like such a better value. Not sure I’d want to be so grouped together with teens, though! I’m glad you think MHSSC was worth it and that you got some personal attention. I guess I’d be in a similar situation since I’d be heading up by myself, so it’s definitely helpful to know. Don’t think I’d get personal attention if I went to Windells…

    Thanks again for all of your blog posts. I read through most of them and they’re super helpful/inspirational. Love the ones about progressions and new tricks that you’re learning. Can’t wait for snow!!! Hopefully only a few weeks away!!

    🙂 bonnie

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