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I had time…


So I went and visited the Burton flagship store in Tokyo.  The store itself is located down this biggish alleyway with tons of stores you would find in the US such as Oakley, DKNY, adidas, billabong, etc.   The main road that the alley branches off of has tons of luxury brand stores which I can never afford or really want to buy anyway.

I was mainly curious to see how the prices differed from the US and if they sold anything different from the US market.  Unfortunately my phone died so I didn’t get to take any pics…sorry 😦 The store itself wasn’t that big, but the prices of gear and softgoods was insane!  The burton escapade EST was close to $500!  A lot of the stuff that was there was already a bit more and if you consider the exchange rate it is a lot cheaper to buy in the US.  Also the sizes were US sizes so I felt small again knowing I can fit into XS when everywhere else in Japan I can only fit into an M 😛

My mom took a liking to one of the tech apparel they had there and bought it because she really loved the thumb holes haha.  She bought it for 9450 yen and when I converted it to dollars it comes out to about $120.  I looked up on Burton’s site how much it is and it’s $70.  So if you’re in the US, feel lucky that the prices aren’t so bad compared to Japan.  I definitely would have a hard time affording anything here.

Almost a month till Mammoth opens.  I cannot wait!


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  1. 10/30/2012 9:11 PM

    This is why there are always hordes of Japanese tourists at the Premium outlets. =)

    • 10/31/2012 8:18 AM

      Haha I can see why now. I couldn’t believe the jacket my mom bought was almost double the price. I even offered to buy it for her here and ship it to Japan since it would be cheaper.

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