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I found a place to live in Mammoth :D


The 12/13 season is almost here and I’ve finally got a place locked down to live.  It was a bit of a struggle finding a place to live up in Mammoth because the rent was pretty high and there was a lot of competition to find a place.   I’m just glad everything worked out.

At first I thought I had a place, but the place fell through and the guy I was talking with about the place didn’t seem to be too enthusiastic about sharing a place with me so I went back to mammoth forums to find a room.  I contacted several people and got responses back, but no second response.   I responded to a post and I finally was able to get a room locked down.  I’m glad now that it worked out this way because the roomies I’m going to have seem really down to earth and really into being friends.  The other places were more like oh we have a room and you’ll be renting the room from us so this was a good change of pace in how friendly these new roommates were.  Also the guy has been proactive in getting back to me about the place and making sure I have all the necessary information which was nonexistent about the other places I contacted.  Plus now I have new riding buddies.  Talking with one of them he seems to really want to progress and try new stuff so it’ll push me even harder on my riding.

The place we got is baller haha.  It’s already furnished which is a plus and when eagle lodge opens, we can ride to the lift 😀

I can’t wait to move up there and get the season started!  Moving up next Wednesday to make it for opening day on Thursday.

Now all I have to do is actually start packing earlier than Tuesday night.

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