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Surfside Snow Carnival


It’s the time of the year again when Surfside holds their annual Snow Carnival.  It’s a nice pre season event to see people that you haven’t seen since the end of the season and catch up with them.  As always it’s a great place to meet up with the EL crew and drool over the new gear they have at Surfside.  They have the new season’s stuff discounted by about 10%~20% so it’s a good place to buy some much needed gear and of course be tempted to buy more than you intended (which happened with me 😛 ).  Also every year I get to see my friend who I met on a cruise a couple of years ago.  He’s a rep for Holden, Jones snowboards, and Yes snowboards.  When I went over to say hi to him, he was talking with Mikey LeBlanc so it was nice meeting him.  Chatted with them for a while and learned about the industry some more.  Interesting how with Nike getting into the industry, they are sucking up a lot of resources up at Portland.

I came to Surfside to buy some warm gloves because the pair I have now are tattered and wasn’t keeping water out.  I picked up some Celtek gloves as well as socks since some of the socks I have now are wearing thin and you can never have too many socks!

Here’s the carnival

As always there was a ton of companies out there with a booth.  I was surprised to see Mt High there this year.  Didn’t really play any games this year.

Surfside store.  I love this event because there’s always dogs running around in the store.  There was a french bulldog with a contour camera strapped onto it’s back.

What I bought this time at Surfside.  Gloves and 2 pairs of socks to keep me toasty warm during the season.

I’ll be moving up to Mammoth in 2 days 🙂  I can hardly wait, but I haven’t started to pack yet at all.

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