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Hello from Mammoth!


I’ve moved up to Mammoth a little over a week ago and I’ve been riding almost everyday.  I’ve now have 10 days on snow so I should be able to get 100 days no problem this season.
The condo that I’m living at is really nice, but there is no internet.  Apparently Mammoth only has a certain number of internet accounts available so since the owner of the condo didn’t pay since September, we lost the account.  It’s kind of hard to believe, at this day and age and here,  it would be difficult to get internet.  Luckily, we were able to get cable so I won’t feel too cut off from the world.
Since I haven’t been able to go online, I haven’t been able to do daily blog posts as I had hoped.  So I’ll try to recap the last 11 days of riding.
Day 1 – woohoo!  Opening Day!…and the snow sucked.  Total ice rink.  The thought that came into my mind was: so this is what it must be to ride on the East Coast ice, I feel so bad for them!  I only took a couple of runs because 1. it was ice 2. I didn’t want to hurt myself, and 3. my roommates couldn’t ride until Sunday when employees would get their pass activated.

Day 2-4 A very cold storm rolled through Mammoth and after the storm, the mountain was no longer an ice rink.  Friday was stormy and the terrain off of chair 3 was really fun.  It kept snowing throughout the day so it was fresh tracks.  Saturday it became sunny so everyone came out.  Snow was really good and you could still find good powder.  Sunday was mostly a park day and I got to ride with both of my roommates.  We did a top to bottom run which just killed my legs.


Here’s a pic from the balcony – powder!!!!

Day 5 – I rode with my roommate and they opened climax from top.  The snow was really good and we did several rock drops.  I ended up with quite a few core shots on my board and I learned how to ptex from my roomie that night. It was a beautiful day!

Day 6 – I met up with Doug from Thrive Snowboards.  It was fun seeing him again and I got to meet a couple of his instructor friends.  They were doing some training and I got a couple of pointers on how to do 180s better.  I must use my legs more and pop to get the 180.  I practiced by traversing all across broadway.

Day 7 and 8 – I rode with one of my roommates and we lapped the park.  I was doing bs 180s off of one of the lips of a rail.  I feel like I’m getting a lot more comfortable and I landed every single one unlike last season where it was 50/50 whether I landed them or not.

Day 9 and 10 – The Thrive Snowboard Demo Tour!  They had a demo tent up (which fell down after Doug left the tent area for only 5 minutes) and had demos available on Saturday.  Unfortunately they didn’t have their women’s board available so I wasn’t able to demo their boards.  It also stormed both days so we got a ton of pow turns in.  The first day we followed Doug through some trees, but the steepness wasn’t there and I got stuck.  Also I hit a rock and my thigh hit a rock.  On another run, one of Doug’s friend took me on a run underneath Chair 1 and pretty much I was trying my best to avoid hitting the rocks.  The snow was good there, but it was definitely some tight turns.  Day 2 of the demo tour we lapped chair 3, but before meeting up with the Thrive crew, I took a run with a couple of my friends.  They took me to a rock drop and I didn’t know it was flat.  I went off of it and when I landed, I crumpled and my knee hit my face.  That hurt and now today I have a bit of whiplash.

It’s been a fun season so far in Mammoth!

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  1. 11/20/2012 10:30 PM

    WOW! What a season you’ve had so far. I have only got 1 day in so far for this season at Mt. High, it was fun because I went on a Tuesday. I’m back in the PNW now and Stevens Pass just opened today…too bad I have work until Wednesday but flying out to the midwest early Thursday morning to spend Thanksgiving with my gf, kinda wish I didn’t have to so I can hit up Stevens Pass. I have been working on my bs 180’s as well. Haven’t tried it off kickers yet. Like you, I’m just popping off from transverse or rollers. Well, have fun and be safe!

    By the way, this BunnySloper from Trusnow.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    • 11/27/2012 10:59 AM

      Thanks! I’m really enjoying my time up here 🙂 Hope the season is good up in the PNW

  2. Angry Midget Yo permalink
    11/27/2012 2:03 PM

    Now don’t you wished you had a chin guard helmet like me~? Haha.

    • 11/27/2012 2:26 PM

      But then my knee would be worse off 😛

      • Angry Midget Yo permalink
        11/27/2012 2:58 PM

        I guess you would need your knee to continue riding because no one cares about a tore up face when it’s all cover up anyways. Well, maybe except your bf afterwards but that’s what paperbags are for. 😉

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