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Thanksgiving weekend!


So since my update from last week, I’ve been able to ride 6 more days 🙂

Day 11 – park day!  I just don’t really remember what I did this day….

Day 12 – it rained on the mountain.  Ugh.  The storm was not cold enough so it was raining up at Mills and it turned to snow/sleet/rain mixture around chair 3.  I rode with my roommates and we lapped dry creek and found some nice turns in the trees.

Day 13 – T day riding!  After the storm passed which was a bit disappointing, the backside of Mammoth opened.  We decided to go over there since it was untouched and we thought we could get some pow turns in.  Well the rain just made everything icy.  Any ungroomed area was a layer of ice that you couldn’t edge into and it was a thin enough layer of ice that you could punch through.  There were several tumbles back there.  I accidentally punched through the ice layer and slammed myself into the ground.  Just one run through the area we decided it was not worth it and just lapped the park afterwards.  Ice/rain is not my friend.

Day 14 – A short day of just lapping the park.  By the time we left the hill around 12:30, our friends arrived onto the snow so we missed them.

Day 15 – The EL crew made it up from socal.  I rode with them and we did top to bottom runs off of chair 23.  My bf tried to spray me up at top and he lost control.  He was holding onto the gopro and so there is film of him just eating it.  I saw him just fly past me with the back of his board visible.  The video is hilarious.  Video coming soon 🙂

Day 16 – I was feeling a bit sick, but decided to ride with the EL crew.  I was feeling pretty tired so I ate it when coming down from chair 3 area.  Luckily even though my edge caught I didn’t flip and all I did was slide out, still hurt though.  Then my friend filmed me while I did a top to bottom park run which felt pretty good.  I did fs180 onto the tiny down box, took the straight rail, A rail, then the 10ft jump, a weird bonk thing, then did a bs180 on a small jump, and finished off with the kink rail.

Riding while sick made me more sick so I took Monday and today off so I can recover.  At least to get rid of this cough so I’m not hacking up a storm.

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  1. kirium81 permalink
    11/30/2012 12:58 PM

    day 16? WTF. I’m hella jelly. I’ve done Mammoth every weekend since opening except 1 (did high instead). Heading up again today, looks like a legit storm is puking on Mammoth, can’t wait. If only they would open up Eagle. I seriously can’t believe you moved up and now have a shot at a 100 day season! that’s awesome. Puts my weekend warrior 40+ seasons to shame. I’ll keep vicariously living through your epic season and dropping by here.

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