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It’s been a while…


Sorry it’s been a while since I updated my blog.  The storm that rolled through last week pretty much entombed my car and made me not want to venture outside except to ride so I didn’t update last week.

I took 2 days off after Thanksgiving weekend because I got sick.  On Wednesday of that week though, the 3 big storms started to roll in.

Day 17 – Storm #1 made it into Mammoth.  I was riding solo because both of my roommates couldn’t make it, but it started coming down pretty hard at Main Lodge.  Since the visibility wasn’t so great, I mainly stuck to a run off of chair 1 on a racer course.  It was untouched smooth pow riding down that run.  Here’s a pic of the mountain and the amount of pow that fell that day



Day 18 – I rode with my roommate and we got to enjoy the pow that fell the day before.  My roommate got stuck in pow though, 5 ft from the groomers and so it was 20 minutes of trying to dig out.  We had a fun day riding since the pow was so soft and nice.  My roommate decided to buy a bigger board after that ordeal from the demo shop because he was tired of getting stuck in the pow.

The pow that fell on my balcony


Day 19 – This was the lull in between the 2 storms and so we decided to check out chair 4 area.  Unfortunately it sort of rained so the snow wasn’t as good as we had hoped.  Still it was a fun day just lapping the groomers and trying to find some pow areas

Day 20 – I went riding with my roommate and his friend.  We got there in the morning and since the 2nd storm was still on it’s way out, it was windy.  All the chairs were on windhold and the only one running was lower panorama.  We hopped onto lower panorama and it was the longest gondola ride ever!  It literally took us 20min to make it up to mid station because of all the wind stops.  It was kind of freaky looking out the window and only seeing white.  We finally got out and did a neat little drop and rode back down to lower panorma and we saw the long line to get on lower panorama wrapped around the building so we decided to go home.  Once home, we chilled for a couple of hours, but we wanted to ride so we decided to head back up to the mountain.  By then the winds had died down so more chairs were open.  We found a really steep, pillow line area near chair 2 that we never knew existed.  The terrain there reminded me of shots from Washington.  We were really stoked riding through that area and I can’t wait to ride that area again after another big storm.

Day 21 – All 3 storms passed through and it was the first bluebird day in a while.  4-6ft fell on Mammoth so I was looking forward to a deep pow day, but the last storm that passed through was warm so it wasn’t blower pow as I had hoped.  Still I had a fun day riding since a couple of friends and I found really good runs on the backside which was pretty surprising.  Unfortunately they closed the backside down because an icicle from chair 14 fell on a kid that was on roadrunner and gave him a concussion.  Be careful when riding underneath a chairlift with icicles!

It was a gorgeous day though and the backside was sooo pretty!


Day 22 – I was riding solo today so I just lapped the park over and over.  I felt really good on my park riding since I got my boardslide to fakie out on a box clean 🙂

Day 23 – A storm rolled into Mammoth which we frankly for some reason was not expecting.  My roommate and I took a friend from Aussie out to learn how to snowboard.  We were proud of the Aussie since he was linking turns on the first day!  I also tried a boardslide out to fakie on a small rail and I was able to do it so I was really ecstatic!

Day 24 – Went out riding with my roommate and his friends.  I first got up there by myself and went through the park, but it was icy so my roommate and I went to the backside of Mammoth.  It was nice fluffy pow through the trees and we did a few rock drops which were fun.

Day 25, 26 –  Park day with friends from EL.  I hit some new features they had in forest park and watched one of my friends hit the showtime jump in main park.  First time he tried it, all of us watching knew he did not have enough speed to clear the jump.  However, he kept at it and by the 4th try he was able to clear it.  I’m grateful he didn’t hurt himself hitting that jump.

Day 27 –  Took it easy and just played in the baby park they have set up near Canyon Lodge.  I love that park because the features are small and easy to learn on.  The Aussie also came out for his 2nd day on snow and he’s able to get down blues pretty well.

Hopefully I’ll update soon or at the latest a week from now 🙂

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  1. kirium81 permalink
    12/12/2012 11:46 AM

    Wait.. so your friend that took showtime, he cased it and lived? Sounds like he didn’t get too injured cuz he eventually cleared it on the 4th attempt, but this raises so many questions. 4th time?!! I would imagine anytime you come up short on that it would cause serious injury. How did he have 4 unsuccessful attempts and live?! LOL. I’ve been eying it all season long and will hopefully take it next time I’m up on xmas weekend. Was this before they set up the 2 jumps they have now? Cuz when I look at the set up of the 2 jumps they have now, it looks like you just need to straight line it from the drop point and keep straight lining after the first jump to clear showtime. Its nice to know that someone didnt clear but didnt get too hurt. Hard to imagine though! Good to hear about the bs to fakie on the rail. Next is 270 out!

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