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Some good news!


I went and saw the orthopedist today.  I have some good news.  I don’t require surgery and the fracture is pretty small so I should be able to even snowboard again at the tail end of the season.  The doc said the joint structure looks good and there’s no damage that he can see on the xrays to the bones that make up the joiunt.  He said I will make a full recovery 😀

I’ll need to see a sports specialist doc in a month to prob take another set of xrays and see how the bone is healing.  I probably can start PT in a month, but until then I can’t bear weight on the leg and I need to get the swelling down.  Hopefully when I start doing PT, there is no damage to the ligaments because that can’t be seen on the xrays.

Keeping fingers crossed that the bone heals enough so I can start doing PT in a month.  Time to start taking those calcium supplements!

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