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One month checkup


So it’s been about 5 weeks since I broke my leg.  Today I went to see a doc for the 1 month follow up to see how the injury was healing.  The doc looked at the xrays taken a month ago and asked how my knee was feeling.  Also he made sure I haven’t been putting weight on it which I have been good about not doing.

He took a look at the knee and said the swelling is minimal yay!  He then had me lie down and started to see where the pain was in my knee.  Minimal pain everywhere except the inside of the knee where the biggest fracture is located so that’s normal.  He then started to move my knee around and check for instability of the knee.  After that we discussed the extent of the damage the slow sign inflicted upon me.

He’s concerned that I partially tore my MCL.  The extent of the tear he’s not certain of, but by feeling around and moving my knee around he says there’s instability.  Damn it.  The other ligaments he’s not too concerned about, but since there’s a fracture where the ACL connects to the bone, he wants to get that checked out too.  So I’m scheduled for an MRI in a couple of days to see if the bones or the ligaments took the brunt of the damage.  I’m hoping for bones.

Then I went and got xrays taken of my leg and man the bone is less white compared to the xray taken a month ago.  My bone density!  Nooooo!  However, there’s new bone at the fractures!    The doc said it’ll be another month of non weight bearing booooo.

Oh and if you’re scheduled for an xray on your leg, bring a pair of shorts.  They gave me these gigantic pants and walking back to the examination room, the doc was like…ummm your shorts are falling down.  Turns out I was showing my underwear to everyone in the hallway.

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