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MRI and follow up


I got my first ever MRI experience last Saturday.  You see on popular doctor tv shows about people getting an MRI and how it doesn’t seem so bad, but it’s a pretty boring time in the machine.  You have to lay there while still for a good thirty minutes as they imaged the knee at different angles.  They let me listen to music, but it was so hard to not fall asleep.  I fought it because I knew if I fell asleep I would jerk my leg and then they would need to retake the image.

Today I had a follow up to my MRI and the good news is…the ligaments are good!  The bones are what took the brunt of the impact so in about 4-5months I should be good for most activities.  Hooray!  The MRI was pretty neat to look at since they took slices of the knee so you could scroll through it.  One thing that showed up a bit better was the fracture starting at the joint.  That fracture just goes from the joint all the way to where the fracture from the side is.  You can barely make that out in the xrays.  The intact ligaments were dark colored and the ACL looks good and contiguous, a bit of tearing (spot of white) where the fracture is.  There’s tears here and there in the meniscus, but that’s to be expected since that’s where the slow sign hit me.

It’s a huge sigh of relief that the fracture is the only thing that needs to heal.  I was really worried about what I would’ve done if one of the ligaments were actually torn.

Going to start physical therapy next Tuesday and there should only be about 3 more weeks of non weight bearing.  In the meantime, I’ll be strengthening my quad and also trying to regain that range of motion I’ve lost for keeping the knee in a brace all the time.  I also finally got the application for a temporary disability placard signed so I can finally park in the handicap spots.

I can’t wait until I can start walking 😀

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  1. fat_theo permalink
    02/02/2013 2:57 AM

    That is such great news! I am so pleased for you as I know how concerned you were about what might be going on inside. Now you got some real solidity to your diagnosis and you can go full steam ahead with rehab! Congratulations.

    • 02/02/2013 2:47 PM

      Thanks Theo! I’m so relieved that the ligaments aren’t damaged.

      Thank you for all the positive vibes!

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