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Physical therapy time


After 7 weeks of breaking my bone, I finally was able to start physical therapy.  I can’t put weight on my leg so right now we’re just working on the range of motion.  I had my first physical therapy appointment last Tuesday and the first thing we did was measure how much I can bend my knee.  I can bend the knee 80 degrees, but the average is 140 degrees.  Also I still have 10 degrees for the knee to unbend for the knee to be completely straight.   So it seems like I have half the range of motion of a normal knee.

We started out with the physical therapist manually bending my knee and just getting the knee a little less stiff.  I can tell you it’s weird bending my knee and it’s definitely painful, but it’s something I need to do to get that range of motion back.  I’m already not that flexible to begin with so I have a feeling this would be the hardest part for me to get back.  I can see the strength coming back quickly once I’m able to start putting weight on the leg.  After the physical therapist bent my knee, she then worked on trying to straighten my knee.  She said the knee needs to be able to straighten in order for me to not have any issues while walking.

After manually having my knee bent and straightened, we moved onto quad exercises so that the muscle can be more active.  They were pretty much leg lifts that I can do while laying down.  After that the knee was iced for 10min (brrrr) and I was sent on my merry way with a sheet of all the stuff I did that I’m supposed to do at home.

I’ve been pretty diligent about working the leg and the range of motion.  I don’t want my range of motion to hinder my progress when it comes to walking again.  At home, while I’m sitting on the couch I just place my leg on my coffee table and let gravity pull my knee down to help it straighten.  I’m just glad I’m able to start physical therapy because before all I did was sit around.  Now I feel like I’m actively helping myself on my recovery so that in itself is a huge mental/emotional boost.  I look forward to my PT sessions and hope that every time I go I’m making good progress 😀

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