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It feels good to walk again


So a little over a week ago, I decided to see if I can actually get around without my crutches.  My goal was getting a hot cup of tea from the kitchen to the couch without spilling.  I’m not sure why, but I felt like my leg could support the weight so I tried it.  Surprisingly, even though my leg felt super unstable, I managed to shuffle to the couch.  After I managed that small shuffle, I was beaming and so proud of myself.  It has been about 2.5 months since I was able to hold something with both hands and bring it somewhere without hopping or dragging myself along furniture to act as a support.

I just felt liberated, even though my walking was limited to a zombie shuffle.  Just not having to rely on something to get myself around was huge.  I could finally see I was making progress with my physical therapy.  After that first shuffle, I started to gradually take myself off my crutches.  I just shuffled in my apartment for a couple of days so it would be inside and I would be near something for support if my leg felt like it would buckle under me.  My next step was just putting as little weight as possible on my crutches while I took my dog for a walk outside.  I then wanted to see if my leg could actually support my whole weight.  In physical therapy I was doing leaning exercises where I would lean onto my injured leg and put some body weight onto it.  I would get to a point where almost my whole body weight was there, but I would pull back because I was afraid.  I told myself, you’re shuffling around so you’re putting enough body weight and the leg is stable.  So I just went for it…needless to say, I went for it in the shower which in retrospect is probably not the best place to see if my injured leg could support my whole weight.  The knee felt wobbly, but stable enough.

During the weekend, I then decided to try walking down and up the stairs without my crutches.  Going down is definitely a lot harder to do than going up.  Just the thought of extending my leg down and placing all my weight on it, the falling part of walking down the stairs scare me.  I’m still a bit uncoordinated so the jolt of feeling the stair as I go down is still unnerving to say the least.  Going up the stairs though has been a breeze.  I then went on a mile walk with my dog on a route with uphill and downhill sections.  It was tough and tiring, but I somehow managed.  My knee has held up well, but my ankle is what is killing me.  I just need to keep working on my ankle it seems and just stretch it out so it doesn’t become too tight.

I feel normal again.  Even though I’m walking I still have work to do.  I’ll need to get rid of the limp I have right now as well as still strengthening my calves to have it more even with my right leg.  Hopefully I’ll be able to ride in mid April at this rate! 😀

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