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The knee is getting there


I had a doc last Friday to see how my knee is progressing.  The doc was very happy with the progress I was making except when I told him my ankle was giving me issues whenever I walked.  He seemed concerned, but after talking about the different possibilities and treatment we decided on just working on the ankle in physical therapy.  He wanted to xray the ankle at first, but I refused since I saw no point.  The bone probably wasn’t broken since it only swelled up whenever I walked on it and I only felt the pain in the front of the ankle.  Also if the bone or anything in my ankle was broken or injured with my initial injury, I would think 2 months on crutches would’ve caused it to be healed by now.  So we believe it’s just a mild case of tendonitis which my PT also agreed with.

Physical therapy has been going great for me.  Every time I visit they either up the number of reps, the weight, or give me a new exercise to do.  Just thinking back to my first physical therapy session, it’s like night and day.  The first day my knee was stiff and I couldn’t bend it and the leg was so atrophied that I can only do lifts with a 1 lb weight on it.  Now they’ve got me doing squats and on the elliptical.  My knee still feels not quite 100% though.  I still can’t run or jump on it since I feel like the support isn’t there.  Also the knee doesn’t feel quite as fluid as my other knee.  I’m hoping that feeling will go away eventually and I’ll be able to at least jump on it in the next month or so.

One thing I’ve greatly appreciated since I started walking though is just appreciating walking in general.  It is such an awesome thing to walk.  You don’t have to rely on crutches or others to help you out.  Yesterday I was at the gym and I started talking with a guy.  Turns out he broke his ankle before and was on crutches as well.  We were talking about our respective injuries and the recovery and both of us agreed, being able to start walking again and to carry something while walking was the greatest feeling ever.  You never realize how walking is awesome because it’s such a mundane task, but after not being able to do it for only 2 months, I missed it greatly.  I’m just glad I’ve been able to bounce back from this injury and hope to be on the slopes soon 😀

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