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I think I can snowboard soon…


I haven’t updated in a while because I’ve been busy with work (new job!  yay!), but the leg is getting there.  I can now jog and I’ve been on several mile long hikes to get the leg used to working for extended periods of time.  It’s been 4 months since I broke my leg and my leg feels almost 100% 😀  There’s still a little bit of stiffness, but that should be going away any time now.

I also had my last physical therapy session last week.  I was talking with my physical therapist and we got into the conversation about how much longer I had left.  She said everything was good, except just the strength part.  After talking it over with her, she said I could pretty much just strengthen at home by myself.  Some patients actually need to have to come in and have someone tell them what to do, but since I’ve been doing all the exercises for a while now I know it by heart.  Also it’s kind of expensive when you have to pay for medical expenses upfront so I decided to go with the “gym” option aka working out on your own.

I’ve been pretty vigilante about doing my exercise almost daily (I usually have one day of rest a week) and I’m able to run up and down the stairs now.  I can’t full on run, but I was never really a runner and I’m such a slow ass runner it doesn’t bother me that I can’t run at my full speed.  The ankle has gotten better and there is no more pain after getting some physical therapy on it.  I’ve been playing on my balance board at home as well just to get the sense of balance back.  The left side is still weak compared to the right.

I plan on snowboarding in a little over a week for the EL meatup 😀  I’ll probably just be on the bunny slope for the weekend, but I’m really excited about it.  I have one more doc visit which is next Monday and I have a feeling he’ll clear me to go back to doing sports, but probably tell me to take it easy (which I will….I think).

I’m also planning on going to camp this summer.  I’ve decided I want to either try Windell’s or HCSC to change it up a bit from MHSSC and also to be around adults.  MHSSC is fun, but it’s a hit or miss as to whether there will be adults there unless if I wait until end of August.  I need to pick one soon and put a deposit down before all the spaces fill up.

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  1. Mike permalink
    04/18/2013 3:47 AM

    Good to hear! Do you have water nearby? You could take up kiteboarding for the summer.

    • 04/18/2013 10:22 AM

      I do have the ocean nearby, but I heard kiteboarding is expensive? Also not sure if I want to be accidentally dragged out into the ocean by a kite haha. I was thinking of taking up skating, but the thought of falling on asphalt isn’t very appealing to me

  2. Mike permalink
    04/19/2013 5:19 PM

    Starting is expensive, due to the lessons and gear. after that it’s comparable to snowboarding, at least for me since I have to travel 4 hours to a slope and I can kiteboard 10 to 40 minutes from my house, depending on the wind direction. Unless the wind shifts offshore, you won’t be dragged out, but I do agree the ocean can be scary, especially the Atlantic on the East Coast. I usually ride the bay or the sound, it’s safer. Definitely agree about the pavement.

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