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Last doc visit


Monday I had my last doc visit.  The doc checked to make sure that I had no pain by moving my leg around and also putting pressure on different areas of my knee.  He then asked if I was still going to physical therapy and I told him I stopped going about 2 weeks ago.  He then asked what I’ve been doing to strengthen my leg and I just gave him a list of the exercises I do.  Finally he asked…so have you done anything dynamic?  I was like dynamic?  Ummmm well no, but I’m thinking of going to Mammoth this weekend and sorta/kinda/well most likely going to ride on the bunny hill…

To my surprise, my super conservative doc actually oked for me to go on the bunny hill.  He was like with how you’ve progressed, I see no issues.  He emphasized though that I needed to stay on the bunny hill.

So with an ok from my doc and having been told that my injury has healed, I will be going on the bunny hill this weekend for the EL meat up.  I cannot wait!

Now I need to make sure I bring everything with me and pack…

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  1. fat_theo permalink
    04/24/2013 3:24 PM

    Well done Hana! All your hard work has paid off. I hope you remember how to ride….
    Just remember there will be slow signs on the bunny hill. This time they are your friend.

    • 04/24/2013 10:41 PM

      Haha yes I will take the suggestions of the slow signs and go slow on the slopes.

      I’m kind of looking forward to/afraid of the first run down. Will I remember? or will my body freak out…I’m gonna assume it’s like riding a bike. Never really forgotten, but the first few times might feel awkward

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