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EL Meatup


The past weekend was the EL meatup.  People from all over the place came and met in Mammoth for a weekend of fun times.  We rented a nice condo with a creek running in the backyard for all of us to stay at.  There were about 15 of us total.  We had guys from Canada and Illinois come in too.

The first day back on snow felt awesome!  I was worried at first if I would remember how to ride and that I would fail miserably getting off the lift, but it didn’t feel too awkward.  After a couple of runs, it felt really normal just riding.  My knee was a bit stiff, but my friend said my riding looked as though I never got hurt.  I cruised around the first day, hit a low box a couple of times.  It was just so fun riding!  It was a gorgeous day!  The snow was nice and slushy so I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about ice and the slow signs were few and far between.  Bad thing though is a person in our group broke his collar bone.  It was completely snapped.  I wasn’t there when he hurt himself, but apparently he went down after catching an edge and just unfortunately fell in a way to break his collar bone.   Hopefully his recovery will be quick!

Later that night we went to a NOFX concert at main lodge since the Grenade Games were at Mammoth this weekend.  Didn’t really see much of the competition, but I did score a Nike neck gaitor from the booth they had.  They were handing them out for free and you can never have too many neck gaitors to protect your face and neck from the sun.  I wanted to see the downhill comp, but we left the hill before that happened.  The NOFX concert was fun.  I got to meet new people as well as catch up with some people I hadn’t seen in a while.  We then all made our way to dinner.  One guy decided to just go back to the condo after the concert.  Turned out he didn’t have a key on him so in his drunken state he broke 2 doors to get inside.  When all of us saw the damage the next day, well we were kind of in 1. awe 2. shock 3. why didn’t he call one of us to go back and open the door for him?

After dinner, we wanted to go to Underground, but apparently they weren’t letting people inside unless if you bought a ticket ( I don’t think I ever saw on any of their e-mails we needed a ticket to get in) and someone apparently stole all the VIP wristbands so they weren’t letting anyone in.  We were sad that we couldn’t take a pic with the game and instagram it since that was the challenge of the week.  After that we all kind of just went home since we were tired.

The second day turned out to be an equally nice day on hill.  I cruised around and kept hitting the low box.  I even hit a downtube which was really fun.  And this is where I made a stupid decision.  Since my knee was holding up well and I didn’t really think, I hit the 2 jumps at the bottom of forest.  The first jump was mellow and you definitely need more speed to clear it so for the second jump I just pointed it.  Well I went in too deep into the landing and had to land with a hard impact.  I immediately felt pain in my knee and I just sat down after I came to a stop.  All the guys I was riding with came running toward me to make sure I was ok and someone flagged down ski patrol for me.  I sat there for a good 15min waiting for the pain to go away and to test out my leg.  At this point I was really mad at myself.  I was told by the doc to take it easy and here I was taking a jump on a knee I just injured not so long ago.  Luckily I was able to make it down on my snowboard and refused to be brought down in a sled.  I went to first aid and got myself an ice pack.  There I proceeded to have a mandatory meltdown which is what happens when I hurt myself.  It was painful to put weight on my leg, but the pain was not on the same scale as when I broke my tibia.  So for the car ride home, I kept my knee elevated and iced as much as possible.

I went to the doc today to get the knee checked out and to get it xrayed.  The ligaments seem fine and the xray came back ok…so right now it’s a huge sign of relief.  I was told by the doc to stay on crutches for the next 2 weeks…yay…and to also get the swelling down in my knee since it’s double the size of the other knee right now.

2 weeks is not as bad as 4 months…so I will take that and store this as a lesson for myself to actually take it easy when I come back from an injury.  I definitely need to keep strengthening my knee more.

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