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2014 is almost here!


Ok so I’ve neglected this blog since June….my bad.

Since the last update there has been many changes and updates.  I went to HCSC in July/August and it was so much fun.  If you can go, I highly recommend going.  You progress so much and the park that they have set up is really nice.  Private park with rope tow…although I could never get the hang of the rope tow.  Maybe that’s what I should work on next year?

At camp I was able to work on front 1’s off of features.  Toward the end of camp I was able to get them and I also started working on my front 3’s off of small jumps.  I made a ton of new friends while at camp and I hope to be able to ride with them this season.  My knee held up well for the 6 days of riding which surprised me.  Although on one of the days, my knee swelled up from doing jumps.

Another big update is….I moved up to Tahoe for the winter season!  After searching on craigslist for a place, I found an awesome house and great roommates.  I’ve gotten 26 days so far this season riding mostly Northstar.  I’ve been mainly riding park and trying to get more and more comfortable in the park.  I was able to throw a front 1 off of a bigger jump so that was a major accomplishment.  I’ve been working on switch riding and just trying to hone my skills.   Unfortunately, the snow has not arrived in Tahoe.  We only received one major storm and even the snow from that storm has melted due to the high temps.  Keeping fingers crossed that 2014 is a snowy year.  We definitely need it after the last 2 seasons.

I plan to update this blog a bit more often than last year.  I completely neglected it, but I’m back now!  Bring on the snow!

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  1. Mike permalink
    01/03/2014 4:02 PM

    Hi, we did not make it out to High Cascades yet, but my son got some training at the Olympic Jump Center pool this summer. The pool is aerated to soften impact, however the ramp is not ideal for snowboards as you can not carve. But it was a good experience including trampoline training with an excellent coach. Tomorrow headed upstate after a foot of dry snow.


    • 01/05/2014 6:17 PM

      Wow that’s awesome! Also I’m jealous of the foot of snow! Tahoe has been pretty dry. We’ve only had one big storm and the snow from that storm has pretty much melted.

      If you can, you should def make it out to Mt Hood in the summer. It is def a fun experience and all the kids I’ve met at these camps are super excited to be there.

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