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2014 has been quite eventful…


So the first week of 2014 I must say sucked.  I’m hoping the first week of 2014 was just a fluke and the snow will start piling up in Tahoe because we so desperately need it right now.  Every single prediction/forecast of a storm seems to just dissipate to thin air which is depressing since we’ve only had one big storm so far.  The resorts around here are opening runs with their snow guns, but being that it’s January, it’s depressing to see so little open.

On top of the no snow, I got sick right off the bat.  I missed the EL Tahoe meatup due to being sick and not being able to get out of bed.  I was bummed about that since I was looking forward to it for a while.  I guess I’ll have to wait for the Mammoth meatup at the end of April to see everyone.

The other thing that made this week miserable was my dog got into a bag of sugar free dark chocolate espresso beans as well as various other chocolate candies.  At first we thought it was the other dog who ate the candy, but I decided to take Sakura to the vet just to make sure and sure enough when they induced vomiting, she threw up a ton of chocolate.  I was emotionally a wreck since I wasn’t sure if my dog was poisoned or not.  Luckily she survived, but the pet hospital in Truckee closed during the night so I had to drive her down to Reno to get the care she needed during the night and I had to pick her up in the morning since the emergency care closed during the day.  She gave me such a fright and a pretty large vet bill on top of that.  I guess I won’t be traveling for a while…

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  1. Mike permalink
    01/12/2014 1:51 PM

    Last weekend we had great snow, 12″ of fresh dry snow. We were spinning on the bumps, everything was easy. Our weekend workshop group is back together. Unfortunately my son got his first concussion doing a 720 which he didn’t land right. Then we had a huge warm up and torrential rain so I stayed home and kiteboarded this weekend. Hopefully MLK weekend will be good and my son will be cleared to return.
    Good luck and feel better, I’m sure you’ll see some awesome conditions soon.

    • 01/12/2014 5:16 PM

      Sorry to hear about your son. Hopefully he’ll be all right. Supposedly we’re going to get a storm on the 20th. If not I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a snowy February or March. I haven’t been able to use my new snow chains I got 😦

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